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Our coffee has a sweet and fruty taste that satisfies every single one of our

This is an interactive tour where the guests can learn about the coffee process. In this tour you will go through all the steps our farm goes through in order to create a delicious cup of coffee. 


In this tour you will learn: 


1. The history of coffee in Guatemala. 

2. The different varieties of coffee plants. 

3. The plantation process and the care our coffee plants need. 

4. Go through the coffee benificiado process.

5. How to roast coffee, and the grounding and packaging process.


At the end of the tour you will have the opportunity to try a cup of our delicious coffee. We guarantee you will love our coffee so we have bags available for sale so you can take home a few and share your experience

and our delicious coffee with family and friends.  

Hours: 10:00 am. and 1:00 pm.


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